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How to Create that Perfect Sunny Glow in your Photos!

Have you every wondered what to do to create the beautiful sunshine glow in your own photos?

I'm coming at you with the top 3 tips to help create that sought after glow! 

Tip 1: NEVER try to get that glow on at noon. Try either early morning or right around sunset! If it is at noon, find shade! (More on that next week.) 

Tip 2: If the sun is still above the horizon, face your subject with the sun behind them! Position your camera or phone so that your subject (or a tree) is blocking the direct sun. Boom! They look like a glowing angel.

(see photo)

 Sun behind the subject

Sun behind the subject

Tip 3: If the sun has gone below the horizon, try turning your subject to face the sun's glowing remains. This automatically gives the skin that warm, soft glow the sun leaves after it goes down!  

 Facing the already set sun

Facing the already set sun

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