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Palm Springs-Joshua Tree-Waterfalls

Hello there again! It's been a while since I've said yoo-hoo. 

Jimmy and I traveled to Palm Springs for his work last month, BOY was it TOASTY there. Highs were record in the 120s while we where there. Lucky for me, I had a margarita in the shade of the pool so I didn't complain much. 

I hopped in a car and went an hour east to go see Joshua Tree National Park with a new friend I met! It was beautiful and also.... very hot.... The Joshua trees themselves reminded me of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax! (If my facts are right,  he based that book off these trees actually.) They were a beautiful sight! Madeline was a very gracious model for my creative aspirations as we frolicked through the desert in the heat. 

Another friend and I went waterfall hunting in Denver after Palm Springs. It wasn't as hot... the water was freezing in the waterfall but that didn't stop up from dunking our heads under! What a fun thing to do! I'm looking forward to British Columbia waterfall hunting in 2 weeks!