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A blog about the people in Denver I photograph, personal life, destination weddings and elopements and more! 

Getting to know me!

I would love to introduce myself and all the quirks that come with who I am!

  • I consistently leave my cold cup of coffee in the exact same spot on the coffee table every morning. 
  • Laundry is my worst enemy and it is always in piles, never folded! One day I just know it will magically fold itself.
  • I secretly love working out but will complain about being sore for the 2 days after. 
  • I live in the mountains but I will never choose them as being better than the beach. How can i choose when they're both SO GREAT. 
  • My husband is my biggest photography fan and the best man I have ever met! 
  • One day we will have an Aussie puppy (when I can convince my husband that we really DO need one). It's life or death ya'll. 
  • I say ya'll almost every chance I get. 
  • Mimosas are my go-to drink. 
  • I shot a wedding on crutches last year- some of my favorite pictures from a wedding!
  • I am a natural blonde but am constantly debating going over to the dark side. 

I could let my photos do the talking for me and hide behind them, but what's the fun in that? I truly believe that the more you get to know me you will fall in love my brand and feel the passion behind what I do. 

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