Captain of the Ship - Denver Based Photographer

We went back down south (great song) this last month to see best friends, photograph a wedding, and experience Springtime in Arkansas!

Man... What a beautiful place. This wedding was spectacularly designed and it lifted my soul to experience such a beautiful covenant being created! It had been a while since I had photographed a wedding (coming out of winter I always feel like this.) The weather was a sunny and 75 degree day and LOVE WAS IN THE AIR! 

Every time I get behind the camera my "business persona" steps in.  I feel like I'm the captain of the ship! Everyone is looking to you to follow the pre-set schedule, document every little thing they put their whole heart into, and to find the lost members of the bridal party or track down the family members. Part of me loves that my brides give have so much trust in me to be the captain and not let the ship sink!

The other part is scared every single time. What if the ship sinks? It really keeps me on my toes!

And that is yet another reason why I love photographing weddings! 

Enjoy these photos! 


Getting to know me!

I would love to introduce myself and all the quirks that come with who I am!

  • I consistently leave my cold cup of coffee in the exact same spot on the coffee table every morning. 
  • Laundry is my worst enemy and it is always in piles, never folded! One day I just know it will magically fold itself.
  • I secretly love working out but will complain about being sore for the 2 days after. 
  • I live in the mountains but I will never choose them as being better than the beach. How can i choose when they're both SO GREAT. 
  • My husband is my biggest photography fan and the best man I have ever met! 
  • One day we will have an Aussie puppy (when I can convince my husband that we really DO need one). It's life or death ya'll. 
  • I say ya'll almost every chance I get. 
  • Mimosas are my go-to drink. 
  • I shot a wedding on crutches last year- some of my favorite pictures from a wedding!
  • I am a natural blonde but am constantly debating going over to the dark side. 

I could let my photos do the talking for me and hide behind them, but what's the fun in that? I truly believe that the more you get to know me you will fall in love my brand and feel the passion behind what I do. 

Lifestyle Lovin'

Let me just say, WOW! I found my new favorite kind of photo session, IN-HOME!

While this has been an up and coming trend... in-home lifestyle shoots really capture the life you live and the people you love! Allowing a photographer come into your home and experience your everyday life through their lens is something SO special. 

That sleepy morning light when you wake up and make coffee, the sudden startle of barking dogs begging for food - all small little hectic adventures. 

Ashley and Benjamin were the dreamiest couple in Denver on this cold Saturday morning. The photos below sincerely capture the joy and love they have together! 7 years together is something so special to celebrate! I think I need say no more and let the photos do the talking.

Stillness and Silence

Landscape photography is one thing I have never devoted time to learning. It always seems so simple and yet so complex!

How do you translate the sound of the wind, the frost in the air, and the silence of the snow into a photo? How do you know which part of the big picture to frame and capture in your camera? 

Photos of people are always expressive, always moving, always emotional. But the trees, snow and mountains?

They are big, still and silent.

But I realized- this is the challenge! This is the beauty. The silence and the stillness are what truly brings these photos to life. It leads the viewer to re-live that moment that they experienced this isolation and this silence and the peace which it brought.

Here's to remembering those moments.