Bend, Oregon

Bend is one of my favorite places in the fall. The trees are on fire with color, the waterfalls are insane, and there is a perfect chill in the air! 

Below are some of my favorite places I went to in Bend!

1. Old St. Francis Theater - McMenamins- This place is an old school turned into dinner movie theater! It is cozy, serves beer and wine, and delicious PIZZA! What more could you ask for?

2. 10 Barrel Brewing There is also one of these in Denver, CO! But all I have to say is MAC-AND-CHEESE.

3. McKenzie River Trail - Not quite in Bend, but within an hour drive. This area has SO many amazing waterfalls and hikes! Also known for it's mountain biking! (if you're into that!) 


Up next- Cuzco Peru! 

Mother's Day

Thank you to all moms out there! We are so thankful for you!

 :) Happy mother's day! 

Paris, France

Paris. The city of love! Know for many spectacular movies, art, romance, and FOOD.

Did you know that the Louvre has a free day each month? We fortunately were in Paris on the first sunday of the month and used this tip to wander the halls of this magnificent museum for free! 


Here are my three top recommendations for a few days in Paris!

1. Eat profiteroles. Forget the calories and the dairy allergy- just do it- it's worth it.

2. Use Vélib. It is a bike share program with docking stations on "almost" every block of the city. Great way to save your feet from walking 10 miles in a day (yeah, ouch) and you get to see the city much faster! (bonus, try to blend in on a bike and act like a local, it's fun! ... Until someone yells at you in French and you have no clue what they're saying.)

3. Stop and breath in the fresh air in one of the many "parcs". Remember, it's ok to actually rest and enjoy your vacation. Although it's fun to constantly be on the go, and it's also fun to people watch and see the way of life for the Parisian people.

4. (BONUS) Saint-Germain is also a super cool area for bars and night life. 

How to Create that Perfect Sunny Glow in your Photos!

Have you every wondered what to do to create the beautiful sunshine glow in your own photos?

I'm coming at you with the top 3 tips to help create that sought after glow! 

Tip 1: NEVER try to get that glow on at noon. Try either early morning or right around sunset! If it is at noon, find shade! (More on that next week.) 

Tip 2: If the sun is still above the horizon, face your subject with the sun behind them! Position your camera or phone so that your subject (or a tree) is blocking the direct sun. Boom! They look like a glowing angel.

(see photo)

 Sun behind the subject

Sun behind the subject

Tip 3: If the sun has gone below the horizon, try turning your subject to face the sun's glowing remains. This automatically gives the skin that warm, soft glow the sun leaves after it goes down!  

 Facing the already set sun

Facing the already set sun